NM Hussain
  • Name
    NM Hussain
  • Industry
    Skill Mapping and Training

NM Hussain

Mr Hussain’s core area of work includes research, skill mapping and training, and multiple intelligence assessment.

He holds a postgraduate degree in Economics and a Diploma in Archaeology. He has been a part of several excavations in the field of archaeology including the excavation of the renowned Indus Valley site in Rajasthan, under the aegis of the Archaeological Survey of India and the Department of Archaeology. He maintains a close relationship with world renowned Mathematics proponent Martin Gardner of the United States who is a passionate observer of best practices of Mathematics teaching around the globe. At present he is a Program Advisory Committee( PAC) member of DIET (Perumbavoor), honorary director of CIGI ( Centre of Information and Guidance India), Knowledge Management Centre (Calicut), Multiple Intelligences Analyst in Alpha Solutions (Cochin), research associate in Spell Learning Support Centre (Kodungallur), consultant of Elixir Solutions (Cochin), Research and Development consultant at Inclusion Central learning clinic (Ernakulam) and Project Director of Nodal Centre of Social Advancement and Research of the PM Foundation (Cochin). He maintains regular correspondence and personal relationship with many scholars and scientists in universities across the world, including scientists in NASA. Currently, he is actively involved in the development of a series of educational packages to make schools and colleges a center of Excellence.

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